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Decarbonisation and energy management

We have pledged that in 2022 all of the energy used in our facilities will be generated from renewable sources. Already in 2021, 91% of the energy consumed in our own facilities was generated from renewable sources.

Energy efficiency and the adoption of best practices is a priority for store design and everyday store management at Inditex. A good example is our effort to connect our establishments up to a central management platform, Inergy, which monitors and rationalises our energy consumption. At year-end 2021, 66% of our owned stores were connected up to that platform.

As a result of the progress made on energy efficiency and the use of renewable sources, in 2021 we have managed to reduce the relative emissions of scope 1 and 2 by 86% per square meter compared to 2018.

We are also working on a range of projects for making our distribution and logistics operations more energy efficient in order to cut emissions associated with our value chain. Key initiatives included the load optimisation effort - which in 2021 saved us 7.9 million kilometres and the associated emissions; the use of high-capacity vehicles such as giga trucks and duo trailers; and the use of LNG-propelled trailers.

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Decarbonisation and energy management
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