At Inditex we are constantly looking for new ways to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions with a view to becoming net zero by 2040. In 2022, we endorsed the Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action’s new targets and achieved our goal of having 100% of the electricity consumed in our own facilities (head offices, logistics centres, factories and stores) come from renewable sources.. Moreover, we have signed a virtual power purchase agreement (VPPA) for the development of new renewable energy generation capabilities.

Zara´s building in Sabón, Arteixo, in black and white Zara´s building in Sabón, Arteixo, in black and white Inditex solar panels in black and white Windmill to generate wind energy in black and white by Inditex

In 2022, we continued to roll out and fine-tune initiatives designed to unlock energy efficiencies in every corner of our business. For example, initiatives designed to foster the use of alternative fuels in our supply chain and to electrify our last-mile deliveries in China, active in 42 cities.

Reducing our water consumption

We continued to work on a host of initiatives for delivering our target of cutting water consumption across our supply chain by 25% in 2025 -relative consumption was cut by 17% in 2022-. Those efforts included accompanying and advising more than 240 facilities on good water management practices and helping wet processing facilities adapt for the Zero Discharge standard on wastewater management and the use of certified chemical products.

In order to scale up our water management effort, we initiated a partnership with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to make progress on our positive impact thrust.

Updated Biodiversity Strategy

In 2022, we continued to reinforce and update our Biodiversity Strategy, which is articulated around the avoid, reduce, regenerate, restore and transform framework.

Here it is worth highlighting our agreement with WWF covering restoration work funded by donation of all proceeds generated from the sale of paper bags and envelopes to our customers.