5. Main relationships of the Nomination Committee

A. With the Board of Directors

At the beginning of each meeting of the Board of Directors, the Chair of the Nomination Committee reports on the main business transacted in the last meeting of the Committee.

B. With the advisory Committees of the Board of Directors

Directors sitting on the Nomination Committee also sit on the Audit and Control Committee and on the Remuneration Committee.

C. With the Executive Chairman and with Senior Executives

For the purposes of allowing the Nomination Committee to be directly apprised of the major business concerns, the Committee encourages the presence in its meetings of the Executive Chairman and of the different officers and supervisors of the business areas of the Company, so that they would explain their view on certain issues directly linked with the remit of the Committee and which are recurrent in its meetings.

D. With the Lead Independent Director

Mr Rodrigo Echenique Gordillo, the Lead Independent Director as well as a member of the Nomination Committee.

E. With the Human Resources Department

In order to keep the Nomination Committee duly and permanently informed, the Human Resources Department regularly apprises the Committee of the changes, if any, in the global talent management and career development programs, and of the succession plans.

F. With the external advisors

In order to receive assistance in the performance of their duties, non-executive directors may request that legal, accounting, financial or other experts be engaged at the Company’s expenses. The assignment entrusted to such external advisors must necessarily address specific issues of certain weight and complexity that the above referred directors might face in the discharge of their duties.

During FY2015, the Committee has been advised by the firm Spencer Stuart, an independent external consultant, which has assisted it with the evaluation of the Board of Directors, its members and its Committees.