Contribution to community welfare

Beyond our core business activities, the economic and social driving force for thousands of families worldwide, we at Inditex try to help generate social and human value in communities and settings that need a positive impetus. In 2015, over one million people benefited from this help.

Syrian refugees, in Greece. (Photograph: Alejandro Penso / MSF)

To create value for society while creating value for the business is the fundamental target of Inditex’s community investment programme. This creation of shared value seeks to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and ultimately to improve people’s lives.

The year 2015 has been a particularly busy one in terms of community investment. We have renewed our partnerships with organizations that we have worked with for many years, including Médicins Sans Frontières (MSF), Entreculturas and Cáritas. We have also introduced new long-term strategic projects with new non-profit organizations such as, the China Youth Development Foundation and Every Mother Counts, among others. We have also responded to emergency situations, such as the refugee crisis in Europe and the Nepal earthquake.

Inditex’s investment in social programmes in 2015 exceeded €35 million: up 36% over the previous year. Most importantly of all, this investment has directly impacted more than one million people in 44 countries: refugees, students, and people in need of medical support or a professional training opportunity.

In 2015 we continued to make significant progress on more in-depth analysis of the outputs and impacts of our community investment programmes.

More specifically, this year we have assessed the positive changes in programme beneficiaries based on two different dimensions: the depth and type of impact.

Over the following pages we detail the most relevant projects with an assessment of their outputs and impacts.