In addition to the projects mentioned above, in 2015 Inditex chanelled 20% of its investment in social programmes related to socio-economic development, environment, art/culture or health, among others. These initiatives encompass one off contributions at the corporate level and from the different brands and subsidiaries to non-profit institutions. In 2015 Inditex allocated more than €5 million to these contributions, both monetary and in-kind, which were channelled through more than 200 charitable organizations.

These projects are approved by the Inditex Sponsorship and Patronage Committee, which comprises the General Secretary and Secretary of the Board, Antonio Abril; the Chief Communication Officer, Jesús Echevarría; and the Corporate Social Responsibility Director, Félix Poza.

In 2015, medical research, health, culture, music, the arts, sport and academic and professional training represented the bulk of donations in this area, with a particular emphasis on Spain.

Training and research

Training represents a fundamental pillar for peoples professional and personal development. In 2015, the Group supported different educational institutions, such as the Carlos III and Complutense Universities in Madrid, or the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Inditex has maintained stable and ongoing links with these centres, as well as with the Fundación Carolina and the Real Instituto Elcano.

In the area of medical research and health, Inditex is a member of the Board of the National Cardiovascular Research Centre (Fundación PRO-CNIC). And in the field of innovation and scientific research, it collaborates with the Fundación CYD, the Fundación Princesa de Girona, the Family Business Institute and the Fundación Tecnomoda.

Culture and sport

The Group supports culture and sport through its associations with organizations such as the Asociación de Amigos del Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, the Fundación Amigos del Museo del Prado, the Fundación Albéniz, and the Galician Symphony Orchestra. We should also highlight special contributions to the fashion sector such as the Association of Spanish Fashion Creators.