Developing everybody’s talent

During 2015, 15,800 new jobs were generated, 4,120 of them in Spain. With this increase, Inditex has 152,854 people of 90 nationalities on its payroll. The Group wants to be close to each employee, believe in their talent and provide a favourable working environment to promote their development.

In line with the overarching goals set out by the United Nations as part of its Sustainable Development Goals, Inditex has created stable and quality jobs in line with its sustained financial growth in recent years. /p>

While adding 50,000 people to its workforce in the last half decade, Inditex has focused its energy on giving its staff stable and quality jobs that keep the business running smoothly. In Spain for example, over 73% of our Group’s staff are on permanent contracts.

Women and young people are defining features of the Inditex Group workforce. More than three quarters of our employees worldwide are women: 76% versus 24% men. The average age of staff in 2015 was 30.

Staff working in stores are Inditex Group's largest group of employees. In 2015, they accounted for 87% of the Group’s total workforce. The number of employees working in logistics (5% of the workforce), central services (7%), and manufacturing (1%) remains the same as in 2014.

In terms of geographical distribution, almost a third of the 152,854 Group employees are in Spain. The rest of Europe accounts for 46% of the Group’s workforce, with a total of 69,556 employees. The 18,060 professionals in the Americas and the 19,129 in Asia and the rest of the world each account for 12% of the workforce.

Employee of the Pull&Bear logistic platform in Cabanillas (Guadalajara).

Our position as employers

The steps we have taken to be a top-quality employer are reflected in our position on the job market. For the fifth consecutive year, Merco Personas– a tool that ranks the 100 best companies to work for in Spain based on employee and student surveys– has named us the Best Company to work for in Spain. Universum, another employer evaluation tool that ranks the 100 best companies to work for based on student surveys, awarded us third place in the Business and Sales category in 2015.

Change in total staff over recent years

2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 109,512 120,314 128,313 137,054 152,854

Distribution of the workforce by activity in 2015

7%Centralservices* 87%Stores 1%Manufacturing 5%Logistics

*Includes the Management and Administration and Design Departments, among others.

Employees by Group market

12%America 30%Spain 46%Europe(excluding Spain) 12%Asia and therest of the world

Number of employees per Group market

18,060 19,129 69,556 46,109 Spain Europe(excludingSpain) America Asia and the restof the world
Bershka employee at the store in Calle Colón, Valencia.

Distribution of the Inditex Group’s workforce by markets

Albania 160
Austria 1,358
Belgium 2,121
Bosnia-Herzegovina 218
Bulgaria 518
Croatia 790
Czech Republic 457
Denmark 216
Finland 196
France 7,945
Germany 5,271
Greece 3,471
Hungary 899
Ireland 932
Italy 6,306
Luxembourg 152
Macedonia 134
Monaco 37
Montenegro 107
Netherlands 1,871
Norway 226
Poland 4,620
Portugal 6,078
Romania 2,192
Russia 10,223
Serbia 427
Slovakia 209
Spain 46,109
Sweden 707
Switzerland 1,296
Turkey 4,069
Ukraine 1,123
United Kingdom 5,227
TOTAL 115,665
Australia 1,174
Bangladesh 48
China 9,888
India 712
Japan 4,438
Kazakhstan 555
Morocco 4
South Africa 383
South Korea 1,273
Taiwan 647
Vietnam 7
TOTAL 19,129
Argentina 772
Brazil 3,035
Canada 1,779
Chile 692
Mexico 6,108
United States 5,397
Uruguay 277
TOTAL 18,060