Quality employment

One of Inditex’s main goals is to constantly improve the quality of its employment. That is why an essential goal at the Group is to maximize opportunities for stable employment. To this end, we have launched various initiatives in different countries to improve job quality. For example, in Spain over 73% of staff are on permanent contracts and over 42% have full-time work, in line with the figures from previous years.

Workforce distribution by gender in Spain

76%Women 24%Men

Workforce distribution by activity in Spain

17%Logistics 70%Stores 11%Central Services 2%Manufacturing

Workforce distribution by gender and retail format in Spain

30% 70% 24% 76% 22% 78% 28% 72% 3% 97% 12% 88% 14% 86% 24% 76% Pull&Bear Massimo Dutti Bershka Stradivarius Oysho Zara Home Uterqüe Zara Men Women

Workforce distribution by contract type in Spain

58% 42% 27% 73% Temporary Permanent Part-time Full-time

Workforce by contract type and gender in Spain

31% 69% 26% 74% Men Women Temporary Permanent

Workforce by working hours in Spain

35% 65% 65% 35% Men Women Part-time Full-time

Remuneration policy

At Inditex we apply general policies to all areas of activity and specifically adapt them to each market and work environment. The growing importance of variable remuneration is without question the most noteworthy of these policies.

Variable remuneration aims to establish a link between remuneration and the company’s performance, and is visible proof of the ongoing effort to improve our Group’s remuneration policy. The scheme is designed for all employees in all divisions, from stores to central services.

(in thousands of euros) 2015 2014
Fixed and variable wages 2,772,774 2,425,665
Inditex social security contributions 562,472 506,539
Total staffing expenses 3,335,246 2,932,204

Employees with flexible remuneration in Spain

2011 7,127 2010 4,148 2012 7,943 2013 9,546 2014 15,529 2015 32,459

Inditex also strives to adapt its human resource initiatives to the interests and priorities of its employees.

One of these initiatives is the progressive implementation of flexible pay schemes in Spain, which let staff choose between different tax-saving pay options such as medical insurance, restaurant cards or childcare, among others.

The flexible pay scheme was first launched in 2009 with the participation of 3,824 employees. In 2015, more than 32,000 people benefited from it, meaning that the flexible pay scheme now applies to all permanent Group employees in Spain.

Employee profit-sharing plan

In addition to these variable pay schemes, last year Inditex Group launched a special, one-time profit-sharing plan with a duration of two years. Thanks to the hard work of all of our employees, the company achieved exceptionally positive results in 2015. For this reason, throughout the month of April 2016, all beneficiaries received a payment tied to the company’s growth.

The plan is intended for staff working at stores, factories, logistics centres, brands and subsidiaries worldwide who have been providing services for more than two years as of 31 March 2016 and 2017. The Group distributes 10% of the increase in net profits over the previous year to these employees, up to a ceiling of 2% of total profits. This scheme benefits around 78,000 people in 50 countries where we do business.

INet APP: an app designed for employees

In 2015, we decided to go one step further and develop our own mobile app for employees and use it to strengthen our relationship with them. This app gives them access to INet, our intranet, from any smartphone.

The purpose of the INet app is to share what we are doing directly with our teams, giving them access to information and involving them in the process of creating content that meets their needs.

The application also has a feature for sending notifications so we can be in constant contact with our employees and provide them with information as soon as it is generated.

Launched in Spain in March 2015, the new INet app for Android and iOS is already serving 47,000 employees in 12 countries: Spain, Italy, Greece, the United States, Mexico, China, Germany, the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Russia and Austria.

Pull&Bear menswear designer at the brand’s head office in Narón (A Coruña).

Equal opportunities

Inditex maintains its clear commitment to equal opportunities between all groups and does not tolerate any form of discrimination. In 2006 the company ratified the EQUAL Diversidad Activa (Active Diversity) project co-financed by the European Commission and directed by the Spanish Coordinator of the European Women’s Lobby and Fundación Carolina.

During 2015, we have developed several initiatives in the field of equal opportunity with the aim of raising awareness and spreading prevention schemes and protocols against sexual harassment and gender discrimination. They include measures such as Massimo Dutti’s new protocol and the addition of equal opportunity training to the induction programme for new logistic employees. This training initiative at our logistics centres accounted for 5.13% of the total hours spent training employees.

Occupational Health and Safety

The OHSAS 18001 certification process for all store, design, logistics and manufacturing companies in Spain was concluded in 2015, strengthening Inditex Group’s commitment to hold itself to the highest occupational health and safety management standards.

By implementing the OHSAS integrated health and safety management certification, Inditex ensures the involvement and inclusion of all departments and staff. This year we also received this international certificate in Italy, the United Kingdom and Ireland. All Group brands in Portugal are also on track to receive this certificate in 2016.

Incidence and frequency rates for work-related accidents in Spain, 2015*

Incident rate of accidents resulting in leave (**) 22.41
Frequency rate (**) 11.49
Head Offices
Incident rate of accidents resulting in leave 1.32
Frequency rate 0.73
Incident rate of accidents resulting in leave 123.76
Frequency rate 68.76
Incident rate of accidents resulting in leave 90.67
Frequency rate 50.37

(*) In 2015, the average duration statistic was eliminated and replaced by incidence and frequency rates. Data on 78% of the staff in Spain
(**) Incidence Rate = (No. of accidents resulting in leave*1,000)/average number of workers Frequency Rate = (No. of accidents resulting in leave*1,000)/(number of hours worked in a specific period*average number of workers)

Encouraging a healthy lifestyle

In 2015, Inditex pursued various initiatives to promote the health of its workers, especially in the manufacturing and logistics division. For example, the León logistics platform organized a social event attended by almost 100 people with the slogan “We Are Healthy.” At the Meco centre in Madrid, 60 workers completed a course on ergonomic risks. At the Arteixo factories, Inditex has launched preventive plans encouraging physical activity and therapeutic rehabilitation, with the participation of 261 people. And at Zara Logística, the programme promoting physical rehabilitation activities has benefited 405 employees.

Activities have also been introduced involving the prevention of musculoskeletal risks. For example, a physical therapy and stretching area was installed at the Europe centre (Zaragoza). At Pull&Bear Spain, 90 participants took part on the ‘take care of your back’ training programme to prevent poor posture.

Furthermore, Inditex is taking steps to outfit workplaces with the equipment needed to respond to cardiac emergencies. All logistics centres, factories and Group offices in Spain have semi-automatic defibrillators. In 2015, a total of 423 workers were trained to use these devices.

Because of all the steps we took to promote healthy lifestyles, in 2015 all stores of the brands in Spain, the Arteixo and Narón factories and the Zara Logística and León Platform logistics centres were certified as Healthy Companies.

INhealth: the Healthy Lifestyle Platform

On the World Day for Health and Safety at Work on April 28, the INhealth Healthy Lifestyle Platform was made available to all Inditex workers in Spain on the Corporate INet.

INhealth’s mission is to promote workers’ health both at and away from work. Its features and content include a newsletter published every two weeks, which workers can subscribe to for information about health, physical activity and healthy eating; a blog with health news and articles; and a platform for health management, sport challenges and a digital library.

Since it was launched in April 2015, 15,600 people have joined Inhealth, 8,486 have subscribed to the newsletter and 3,076 have signed up for the health management platform. The Healthy Lifestyle Platform is slated to go online in Italy, the United Kingdom and Ireland in 2016.