Creating economic and social value


Who are we?

Inditex is one of the world’s largest fashion retailers with eight brands and more than 7,000 stores in 88 markets and 29 online markets. Our workforce of over 150,000 people goes to great lengths to improve the quality of our products and the way they are made because this is what the millions of people that come into our stores every day expect of us.

How do we work?

The way we work is based on ongoing internal review. The day-to-day work of those who make up Inditex is constant adaptation to customers, the environment and society. Both Inditex employees and its work processes are focused on listening to the customer. This forces us to reinvent ourselves daily and we do so thanks to a flexible business model based on innovation and team work.


Our commitment to our customers is to maintain their trust over the long term by offering them the responsible, sustainably manufactured fashion they are looking for. Our customers include shareholders, employees, suppliers and citizens committed to society. By focusing on their needs, we work to create quality fashion in a socially and environmentally sustainable setting.

our strengths

Company values

Solid principles shared by the entire organization
Customer-centric ap­proach

Transparent and strict guiding principles that are constantly improved

  • Code of Conduct and Responsible Practices
  • Code of Conduct for Suppliers and Manufacturers
  • Right to Wear guiding principles
  • Lines of action in each area to achieve maximum sustainable and responsible quality

Innovative business model

Customers are at the centre of our decision-making process

customer store design logistics production

our priorities*

(*) Through ongoing dialogue with its stakeholders, Inditex identifies the issues most important to them to ensure that its strategy aligns with their concerns and expectations. The materiality matrix (page 161) or relevant issues are used to define the company’s priorities, which are described in this Annual Report.