Contribution to community welfare


To maximize the company’s positive impacts on society

Material issues

29 Social action and local community development
30 Dialogue with and commitment to stakeholders

Inditex is aware that its production activity in more than 50 countries and its retail presence in 88 markets has a significant social impact worldwide. The brand approaches this impact with responsibility, commitment and enthusiasm. In order to counterbalance the impact of the activities involved in the brand’s business, Inditex has developed a model of investment in social programmes based on its commitment to improving global welfare and strengthening the communities that have links with the brand. This approach to investment in social programmes means that Inditex engages voluntarily in socially responsible practices that create value within the community and the company in general.

This commitment, which involves joint work with non-profit organizations, focuses primarily on education, employment and humanitarian aid programmes mainly implemented in countries forming part of Inditex’s production clusters. In 2014, Inditex’s investment in social programmes totalled more than €25 million, up some 10% on the previous year and accounting for more than 1% of the Group’s net profits. But the most important thing is that this investment allowed more than 44,000 children to access education, while more than 4,000 people received the training they needed to access the labour market, and around 2 million people in underprivileged areas received health care. During 2014, Inditex developed social programmes in 40 countries. The following pages provide details of the most significant of these projects.