Investment in social programmes

(*) Data calculated according to LBG (London Benchmarking Group) methods based on voluntary contributions made by Inditex to social programmes during the financial year 2014. Currency conversion of contributions to euros performed according to exchange rates valid on 31 January 2015.

Sphere of activity **

In 2014, Inditex allocated some 80% of its investment in the community to strengthening the strategic focuses on which the brand’s model of investment in social programmes is articulated: social welfare, humanitarian aid and youth education.

Evolution of investments in social programmes

Total investment in social programmes 2012-2014 (in millions of euros)

By contribution type (in millions of euros)

By category ** (in millions of euros)

community investment: A long-term strategic commitment in collaboration with the community to support specific social activities.

charitable gifts: Institutional one-off donations to support the general goals of non-profit organizations.

commercial initiatives in the community: Initiatives of social interest directly related to the company’s commercial activity.

By geographical area (%) **

(**) Does not include management costs