During 2014, Inditex has earmarked 3% of its investment in social programmes for initiatives for environmental protection.

In addition to other investments in social programmes, Inditex’s social investment strategy is rounded off by the Group’s sponsorship initiatives, mainly launched at a local level.


Terra project

The Terra project forms part of the efforts made by Inditex to reduce the organic footprint of the brand’s global operations. The agreement signed with the Regional Government of Galicia and in force since 2007 contributes to maintaining the quality and genetic variety of the species found in Galicia’s forests. We have created seedbeds and new clone collections to improve the local forests and contribute to capturing carbon dioxide emissions.

Sponsorship and patronage

Inditex’s sponsorship and patronage activities include the one-off contributions made both by Inditex and by the Group’s different subsidiaries and brands to non-profit institutions in order to improve community welfare in the local area.

During the year 2014, Inditex allocated more than €7 million to one-off contributions, both monetary and in-kind, which were channelled through more than 200 social organizations.

Inditex’s Sponsorship and Patronage Committee is the body in charge of approving projects included in this category. The committee comprises the Secretary-General and Secretary of the Board, Antonio Abril; the Director-General of Communications and Institutional Relations, Jesús Echevarría; and the Director of Corporate Social Responsibility, Félix Poza.

During 2014, Inditex collaborated with a wide range of entities from different spheres, including research and health, culture and sports, training and social assistance. A high percentage of these contributions are used within Spain, the home of the company’s head offices.

Training and research

Inditex considers training to be a fundamental pillar of growth. For this reason, in 2014 the brand offered its support to various entities, including both Spanish and foreign universities such as the Complutense University of Madrid, the Charles III University of Madrid and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). These educational centres, along with other organizations such as the Fundación Carolina, maintain stable and ongoing relations with Inditex.

The Inditex Group has also been a member of the Board Of Trustees of the Spanish National Cardiovascular Research Centre (Fundación Pro-CNIC) since its creation in December 2005 to fight against cardiovascular diseases. In the field of innovation and scientific research, Inditex works with the Fundación CYD and the Fundación Príncipe de Girona.

Culture and sport

The promotion of cultural events and organizations and support for the world of sport also form pillars of Inditex’s Sponsorship and Patronage programme. This support is made evident by Inditex’s ongoing collaboration with the Galician Symphony Orchestra, the Association of Friends of the Opera of A Coruña, the Fundación Albéniz, the Association of Friends of the Reina Sofía Art Centre and the Real Fundación de Toledo. In the sphere of sports, Inditex supports all work which encourages grassroots sport.

Social assistance

Social reinsertion, integration into the labour market of people with disabilities, support for people in a situation of disadvantage, the fight against cancer and tasks related to assisting people in a vulnerable situation, are some examples of initiatives supported by Inditex during the year 2014.