Efficient use of resources


Guaranteeing the responsible use of water and zero discharge by 2020
Reach 100% eco-efficient stores for 2020
Reduction of the energetic intensity of own operations for each item placed on the market by 2020

Material issues

12 Logistics model
17 Energy consumption and GHG
20 Water consumption in the supply chain
21 Discharge control
26 Waste management
27 Recycling systems and management of end of product life
28 Protection of biodiversity

All of the products purchased by clients in Inditex stores have the Green to Wear principle incorporated. This principle does not simply direct the environmentally responsible way of producing it, but also ensures efficient consumption of the resources used from the origin of the raw material to its placement on the market.

Through the Green to Wear principle we ensure transversal compliance with the Environmental Policy of Inditex, inspiring the Global Energy Strategy, Water Management and Biodiversity. In 2014, we highlighted the publication of the Inditex Forest Products Policy, marked within the Biodiversity Strategy, that guides the entire chain of value for responsible use of the forest resources and supervises protection of the environment.

Other relevant actions from 2014 in relation to efficient use of resources include the environmental certification BREEAM of the central offices and logistic centre of Tempe, in Elche (Alicante), as well as the construction of a Data Processing Centre (DPC) in the head office of Inditex, certified under the Platinum LEED seal. Also, during this period, 343 eco-efficient stores opened all over the world, among which we can highlight the stores of Zara and Massimo Dutti in Serrano street in Madrid, with Platinum and Gold LEED, respectively, or the Platinum LEED Bershka store in Valencia.

Sustainability indexes

The constant work of Inditex in the area of sustainability continues to be recognised by the main sustainability indexes in the world. In 2014, Inditex increased its presence in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI), positioning itself as the leader of the retail sector in the environmental area (96 points out of 100). The global points obtained position Inditex ahead of 98% of companies in the sector. Furthermore, Inditex has been a constituent of the FTSE4Good series for thirteen years.

In the most recent publication of the Carbon Disclosure Project, Inditex achieved 93 points out of 100 in the climate change area. Also, it has become one of the leading companies for water management in the Carbon Disclosure Project Water.