Forest Product Policy

In 2014 Inditex published its Forest Product Policy to protect primary forests in danger of extinction, a guideline in the selection and use of raw materials of forest origin, ensuring that they originate from forests that are managed in a sustainable manner.

To guarantee the extension of this policy, its principles have been incorporated into the plans for each of the areas of our business model. In this way we can avoid that prime materials, such as the wood from which the furniture is obtained, the paper products (bags, labels, office paper, etc.), originate from primary forests in danger of extinction, illegally felled forests or where there are habitats of species that are in danger of extinction.

All paper and furniture products used in our activities avail of certification under the PEFC or FSC seals, guaranteeing that the entire management process of the forest prime materials is performed in a sustainable and controlled manner. Also, Inditex gives preference to the purchase of forest products with a high content of recycled material and post-consumption waste, and we encourage our suppliers, in a continued manner, to maintain, improve and increase the offer of this type of product.

Terra Project

Since 2007, Inditex has been collaborating with the Xunta de Galicia in the protection of the Galician forest heritage. The Terra Project contributes to the protection and genetic improvement of the main forest species, as well as the creation of high value forest areas. The agreement with the autonomic government has a three-year duration and has been renewed three times. The current agreement will last until the year 2017. Terra has four programmes:

  • Genetic Improvement Programme: this focuses on the improvement of four forest species of great interest to Galicia. This is the maritime pine or the cluster pine (Pinus pinaster), the radiata pine (Pinus radiata), the chestnut tree (Castanea sativa) and the cherry tree (Prunus avium).
  • Forestry Improvement Programme: the objective is to increase the production of prime materials (mainly wood), provided that the techniques used are compatible with the environment.
  • Forest Eco-System Programme: intends to improve knowledge of Galician nature and the local forest species.
  • Forest Protection Programme: seeks to decrease vulnerability of the woods to fire and improve both the fire prevention techniques and the restoration techniques after a fire.