Top quality of the product


Constant improvement of quality, health and safety of products
Guaranteeing the responsible use of water and zero discharge by 2020

Material issues

5 Product quality, health and safety
6 Eco-design
9 Volatility in raw material prices
10 Changes in regulation
20 Water consumption in the supply chain
21 Discharge control
24 Animal welfare
25 PResponsible purchase practices
27 Recycling systems and management of end of product life

The work of the health, safety and environmental sustainability teams for Inditex products are focused on the client. All of the items that our clients find in stores have their own standards: Clear to Wear (CtW, product health), Safe to Wear (StW, product safety) and Green to Wear (GtW, environmental sustainability of the product), developed internally, that incorporate the most demanding regulations in the world for this field.

Inditex's product responsibility starts with the design and the correct selection of prime materials, processes and dyes to be used, and do not end until the end of the product's life cycle. The entire value chain is subject to control and supervision. To guarantee the health and safety of the articles, R&D programmes are developed in order to detect problems as quickly as possible and to substitute processes and substances that may entail potential risks. Also, each unit of the manufacturing process is worked on in common improvement projects. None of this would be possible without the collaboration of multidisciplinary teams that form part of the production units, for the training tasks and for control, supervision or auditing. We achieve this through our own professionals and with the help of experts in the relevant fields: chemistry, biology, optics, physics, mathematics or engineering.

During 2014 we have developed a new standard for environmental sustainability for wet process factories (pre-treatment, dye, printing, finish, wash, tanneries and artificial leather). The production of Green to Wear items is in line with the philosophy of cleaner production and less intense resource consumption.

The search for new ways of creating more safe, healthy and sustainable fashion is a constant objective at Inditex.