416 Net sales (millions of €)
575 Number of stores (at year-end)
26 Net openings
40 Markets
2 New markets in 2013 (Albania, Algeria)
15 Online markets (at year-end)

New online markets: Mexico and Switzerland.

During 2014 Oysho has extended its presence in markets such as China, where it has opened eleven stores, making a total of 53 premises.

The Inditex Group's lingerie brand continues to extend its gymwearcollection, with an increasing visual presence in its warm and cozy stores. As part of this collection, in 2014, Oysho launched the Mountainline, created especially for winter. Clearly influenced by skiing and winter sports, this line is created to meet the more technical needs of the brand's sports collection.

For the second consecutive year Oysho sponsored the Women’s Race against Breast Cancer, which took place in a number of Spanish cities.