68 Net sales (millions of €)
66 Number of stores (at year-end)
-10 Net openings
12 Markets
- New markets in 2013
14 Online markets (at year-end)

New online markets: Ireland, Luxembourg and Russia.

The latest commercial format of the Group closed the year 2014 by consolidating its new commercial image, which it presented in its new A Coruña store and which has also been implemented in new flagships stores in Madrid and Barcelona. The Uterqüe brand's new concept is based on elegance, clarity and functionality. The brand's new spaces boast furniture made from top-quality materials; drawers and shelves made from textured black resin and resin and glass cabinets. The walls are decorated with details which provide a contemporary and sophisticated style and the Italian marble floors give a sensation of space.

Inside the store, footwear takes centre stage with the collection presented in an attractive and functional way. The avant-garde lighting gives the store quality, designer feel.