Everyone who works at Inditex shares a philosophy of respect for the environment. Thanks to collaboration between the different departments, all employees –and even new recruits– participate in environmental awareness workshops.

To ensure all our activities incorporate environmental sustainability and efficient use of natural resources, each activity is accompanied by specific training projects for each division of the company. For example, we partner with the sales and design teams to train them on eco-efficient raw materials and technologies so that our most sustainable products continue to grow. We also helped disseminate the brands’ Sustainability Strategies, particularly through training at Oysho and Tempe in 2016.

Furthermore, we supported the implementation of new projects with sustainability workshops to ensure exemplary environmental management. For example, in 2016 we brought the Good Office Practices Programme to Germany, the United Kingdom, Poland, Belgium, Denmark, Holland, Ireland, and Sweden.

In Spain, we reinforced the engagement of logistics centre personnel by giving training workshops on the Zero Waste to Landfill objective. We have also trained the teams at the Zara stores in Spain, Portugal and China on Closing the Loop so they can learn first hand, from the outset, the benefits associated with the project and how they can contribute to its success.