Each and every one of the suppliers in the Inditex supply chain is subject to policies and standards such as:

  • Inditex Policy on Human Rights
  • Inditex Code of Conduct for Manufacturers and Suppliers
  • Inditex product health and safety standards Clear to Wear (CtW) and Safe to Wear (StW)
  • Global Environmental Sustainability Strategy, including Water, Energy and Biodiversity strategies

This is integral to our business model and compliance requires the cooperation of all areas, which is why Inditex's sustainability teams work closely with all suppliers and factories. Knowing and identifying all the links in our supply chain is the basis for being able to control and improve it.

1,805 Suppliers with purchase in 2016 Suppliers of fashion items, mainly clothing, footwear and accessories, producing over 20,000 units/year. All suppliers are required to register the factories involved in production, allowing Inditex to verify their production capacity. This affords Inditex comprehensive control of its entire supply chain, and minimizes the possibility of unauthorised outsourcing. 6,959 Factories declared bysuppliers in 2016 * 932 IDENTIFICATION ASSESSMENT OPTIMIZATION SUSTAINABILITY ENVIRONMENTAL STANDARDS, CtW AND StW COMPLIANCE CONTINUAL IMPROVEMENT OF THE SUPPLY CHAIN WORK IN SUPPLIER CLUSTERS CODE OF CONDUCT COMPLIANCE PROGRAMME TRACEABILITY 4,296 sewing 216 printing 306 cutting fabric 573 dyeing and washing 636 finishing Online manufacturer management system Traceability audits Collaboration with stakeholders, such as: Corrective Action Plans Training and capacity building for suppliers and manufacturers Awareness-raising for design and purchasing teams Social Environmental Product health and safety Social audits Special audits RtM Audits Pre-assessment audits Picking Programme RtW audits GtW audits NGOs Local governments Trade unions International platforms Universities
(*) Textile, footwear and accessory factories declared by suppliers in the manufacturer management system for orders in 2016. For those factories involved in more than one process, figures refer to the main process performed.