Our customers

In an increasingly interconnected world, our customers demand a pleasant and convenient shopping experience tailored to their needs. At Inditex, we are committed to fully integrating our brick-and-mortar and online stores with the aim of providing an innovative and multi-channel service that helps us achieve our model of designing everything we offer based on what our customers want.

At Inditex, we are committed to fully integrating all of our sales channels, making it easier for our customers to find our merchandise quickly and efficiently

Inditex’s main goal is to satisfy customers’ demands. For that reason, our top priority is to offer them responsibly made fashion and to deliver a satisfying shopping experience to increasingly selective consumers.

Our customers are more connected, and they require an easier, more streamlined and flexible ways to shop. That is why, at Inditex, we are committed to fully integrating all our sales channels, whether brick-and-mortar or online, offering consumers quick and convenient access to our merchandise.

Under this model, customers have the option to request home delivery or in-store collection of their online purchases, and returns. Additionally, when customers do not find a specific product in store, they can purchase it online and request delivery to the most convenient location.

To enhance our customer service we are working to continue improving the shopping experience. In 2016, we made furthered progress toward integrating our sales channels with a strategy that provides new buying options that fullfill our customers’ demands.

This year, we took a new step toward integrating shopping online and in-store by launching mobile payments in Spain for all of our brands. Online receipt is part of the service, which helps do away with paper receipts.

In 2016, we also embarked on various projects to provide an increasingly customized experience. We have launched two trial projects: digital tags and interactive fitting rooms.

These upgrades were made possible with radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. After developing it for five years, in 2016 the Group finished the deployment in all Zara stores and is now implementing it in other brands including Massimo Dutti and Uterqüe.

At Inditex, we work to contribute to the Agenda for Sustainable Development, especially in Sustainable Development Goal 12: Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns, the area with the biggest impact on our customers.

Goal 12: Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns. Our commitment to our customers is to maintain their trust over the long term by offering them the responsible, sustainably manufactured fashion they are looking for. We work to deliver a satisfying shopping experience while at the same time offering consumers information about the products to help them decide what to buy and to foster a responsible consumption model.
Zara employee at the Fifth Avenue store in New York (USA).


As a result of integrating all our sales channels, we have worked to develop technology designed to meet our customers’ needs. For example, in 2016 we developed and tested projects including digital tags, interactive fitting rooms and quick check-out registers.

Digital tags help our teams match items and recommend complete outfits. This initiative also gives customers information about the number of items available in a more visual and attractive way.

The goal of interactive fitting rooms, is to reduce customers’ waiting time when our staff bring them other sizes, colours or styles when trying on our clothes. With this system, users would no longer have to leave the fitting room to find the items. The service is based on touch screens that offer customers a complete shopping experience by giving them information about the products available in-store or providing the option to buy them online.


To provide the speed and flexibility expected by today’s customers, we have introduced new tools that allow us to streamline the purchase process, reducing waiting times and offering new options for buying, exchanging or returning products.

Mobile payments

In 2016, all Inditex Group brands implemented mobile payment system, a service that kicked off last September in Spain and is available in 15 countries, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Italy and France.

This new service is available in the mobile apps of our eight brands, as well as in a new Group app called InWallet, which centralizes purchases made at all Inditex brands.

This initiative is designed to improve customers’ shopping experience, simplifying the activation process, as well as purchases or returns. With this system, customers simply link the credit cards to their login accounts in order to make payments by mobile phone using a highly secure, QR code.

Mobile payment has an additional benefit– the integrated management of online and off-line purchase receipts, which are automatically saved to each customer’s account, are accessible at all times and can simplify the process of returning items. The system thus helps eliminate paper receipts. Thanks to this innovation, Zara became the first Inditex brand to eliminate physical receipts in its stores and for orders placed on in Spain in 2016. It is also introducing this initiative in the United States and the United Kingdom. This new paperless system will be gradually expanded to all other brands and markets in 2017.

Buy online, pay at store

Pull&Bear and Bershka have taken another step towards offering a fully integrated experience: customers have the option to purchase their products online and pay in cash when they pick items up from the store. This allows people to shop online without a credit card.


Quick check-out registers, are being tested out at some Zara and Massimo Dutti stores. Customers can use these registers to perform quickly the purchase by themselves.

This initiative streamlines the entire purchasing process. Items are first automatically scanned and shown on the screen for confirmation. Customers can then pay by credit card or with their mobile phone. The system can print out coupons or the original purchase receipt, which can also be saved on their phones.

Mobile check-out systems

Inditex has also developed other options for streamlining the sales process. At its new flagship on Paseo de Gracia in Barcelona, Massimo Dutti launched mobile check-outs, a service allowing customers to pay by mobile phone without having to go to the check-out registers.

Inditex continues to develop their mechanisms that enhance customers purchasing experience.

Zara SoHo employee at the store in New York (USA).


In 2016, Inditex finished DEPLOYING RFID technology at all Zara stores and began introducing the system at Massimo Dutti and Uterqüe
Inditex employee at the New York (USA) offices.

Information security and privacy

Protecting our customers’ personal data is an absolute priority for all of our Group’s divisions. Inditex has a Security Committee in charge of deploying the strategy to ensure that personal information remains protected in all company processes and tools that use this type of data, establishing necessary measures and protocols.

At Inditex we have our own Technology Centre located at the Group’s headquarters in Arteixo (Spain). This Centre serves as a laboratory for the different innovations and new technologies which are tested by the Group. This facility, designed to withstand physical or geological incidents, keeps new tools secure while ensuring the highest level of continuity for our processes.

To that end, this technology platform has a backup system for computers and systems that ensures which the Group’s activity can proceed at all times. The Technology Centre is TIER IV and LEED Platinum certified. It is the only data processing centre in the world to have the highest level of certification in both infrastructure reliability and environmental sustainability.

Immediate and multi-channel replies

Our customers’ comments and suggestions are crucial when designing new products, but they also drive our customer service improvements in all sales channels. For that reason, all Inditex brands have in-house and outsourced teams to reply to the requests and questions sent to us by our customers in the 93 markets where we do business.

In 2016, our agents responded to more than 17 million requests by phone, email, chat and social media from customers who asked for information primarily about our brands, products, return policies, the status of an order or specific questions about a particular store, such as its business hours.

Additionally, to give our customers more comprehensive service, the Group offers the Affinity Card for shopping at all Inditex brands. In 2016, more than 92,243 people joined this initiative, which already includes almost 1.1 million users.


FOLLOWERS of Inditex Group’s brands on social media in 2016

Zara Pull&Bear Massimo Dutti Bershka Stradivarius Oysho Zara Home Uterqüe GROUP TOTAL
Facebook 25,233,087 5,855,332 3,223,544 9,711,718 4,548,412 2,415,414 1,847,988 241,658 53,077,153
Instagram 15,731,099 2,555,276 848,493 3,806,775 2,868,474 965,858 1,355,834 180,530 28,312,339
Twitter 1,229,686 337,339 69,400 411,351 216,492 101,316 79,939 17,130 2,462,653
Weibo (China) 706,323 50,173 37,238 37,853 29,453 24,459 not available not available 885,499
VK (Russia) 272,808 62,550 16,886 113,873 55,573 30,930 9,418 not available 562,038
Pinterest 330,341 38,217 18,478 48,495 35,018 13,490 62,204 2,113 548,356
Youtube 33,481 26,435 7,766 19,891 5,496 2,903 n,d, 220 96,192
Total by brand 43,536,825 8,925,322 4,221,805 14,149,956 7,758,918 3,554,370 3,355,383 441,651 85,958,068


Zara 10,857,950 3,451 80/100 96%
Pull&Bear 1,013,779 426 83/100 88%
Massimo Dutti 901,289 222 87/100 94%
Bershka 1,071,658 462 88/100 85%
Stradivarius 706,019 436 94/100 92%
Oysho 404,593 294 83/100 95%
Zara Home 410,807 97 83/100 97%
Uterqüe 63,566 50 90/100 92%
TOTAL 15,429,661 5,438

(*) Complaint forms submitted in Spain
** Incidents resolved upon first contact with customer
***Percentage of total contacts made by phone, email, chat and messages

Affinity card user statistics

2016 2015 GROWTH
Total accounts 1,099,007 1,032,259 66,748
New accounts 92,243 82,616 9,627
Receipts 6,333,372 5,732,301 601,071
Website visits 796,433 694,796 101,637